South Dakota Chapter SWCS
January 2000

Position Description


1. Recognize individuals, groups, organizations and businesses for outstanding service and contribution to conservation of natural resources.

2. Solicit nominations in all chapter award categories.

3. Publicize the accomplishments of award recipients.


1. Chair shall hold committee meetings and/or use other communication means each year to plan and coordinate the chapter awards program.

2. Develop and implement an action plan to promote award nominations and explain nominating procedures through the chapter newsletter, at meetings, member contacts, and other appropriate means determined by the committee.

3. Solicit nominations in the following award program categories:

SENIOR CONSERVATIONIST AWARD: Eligible to individuals, groups, organizations and businesses for recognized sustained service to resources conservation.

JUNIOR CONSERVATIONIST AWARD: Eligible to individuals, groups, and organizations for recognized special achievements/service by youth under age 21 .

OUTSTANDING NEWS MEDIA AWARD: Eligible to press and broadcast media personnel or firms for recognized service and contribution to resources conservation.

4. Utilize and distribute award nomination forms to nominators to standardize the format and to assure necessary information is submitted to the committee. (See Attachment A.1

5. Seek board of directors' approval for tasks and projects that require chapter funds and/or a concerted effort by the membership.

Submit committee's annual operating budget needs to the chapter's board of directors for approval no later than the last board of directors' meeting of the calendar year.

6. Prepare and present, as appropriate, committee activity reports at quarterly scheduled board of directors' meetings. If chair or a committee member is unable to attend, submit a written report to your division director before the meeting.

7. Be alert to new award program and service opportunities offered by the parent Society for consideration by the committee and/or board of directors.

8. Develop and submit a minimum of one news article each year to the chapter newsletter editor according to the newsletter calendar to inform the membership of award categories, nomination procedures, and to solicit nominations.

9. The committee chair shall select a panel of committee members and/or chapter members-at-large to serve to evaluate and judge award applications.

10. Establish a deadline for submitting award nominations to the committee chair. (Suggested deadline: 45 days prior to the chapter's annual meeting, where the awards shall be presented. This date can be extended to allow time for nominations to be submitted.)

11. Schedule a meeting with the selected panel of judges to evaluate award applications and select award recipients. (See Attachment B for award and eligibility criteria.)

Notify the chapter president of award recipients selected by the judges.

12. Order appropriate engraved plaques for award recipients from the parent Society for presentation at the chapter's annual meeting. Arrange for local engraving.

13. Notify award recipients with congratulatory letters including an invitation to attend the annual meeting banquet for the award presentation. Each winner will receive no more than two complimentary banquet tickets. Send letters no later than 30 days prior to the chapter's annual meeting. (Send copies of letters to the chapter president.) Call if the timeframe is short and follow up with a letter.

14. No more than two complimentary banquet (or luncheon if the presentation will be made then) tickets for the annual meeting will be given each winner. Notify the annual meeting committee chair of the award winners' names and the number attending in order to have an accurate meal count.

15. The committee chair presents plaques to award recipients at a special award ceremony at the chapter's annual meeting banquet.

Arrange with publicity chair to take pictures of award recipients for publicity and record purposes.

16. Submit award recipient information to the publicity chair for news releases, including two photographs, for the chapter newsletter and local and area newspapers two
weeks prior to the annual meeting. Include name and address of hometown newspaper for the publicity committee.

17. Maintain a recordkeeping list of annual award recipients for committee information purposes. (Include names and addresses by award categories.)

18. Prepare and present a final written report of committee activities and accomplishments at the chapter's annual business meeting.

19. Submit original applications of all award winners and any other pertinent data to the history committee chair for inclusion in the historic files.


1. The chair is selected and appointed each year by the chapter president.

2. Additional committee members may be selected and appointed by the committee chair after consultation with the chapter president and board of directors. (Committee selection should include a minimum of one member representative from each division.)

3. All committee members must agree to serve before being appointed.