South Dakota Chapter SWCS
January 2000

Position Description


1. Further the conservation and environmental education of youth and adults.

2. Promote sales and sponsorship of the Society's educational cartoon booklets.

3. Qualify for Society booklet sales commissions.


1. The committee chair shall hold committee meetings and/or use other communication means each year to develop strategies for conservation educational activities and conservation education booklet sales.

Adopt an annual booklet sales goal in consultation with other committee members and the board of directors. (Acquire enrollment figures of public and private elementary schools from state educational department to help set goals.)

2. Work closely with the chapter president and the board of directors to assist in ongoing chapter conservation education activities, i.e., Conservation Camp, Water Festivals, Bald Eagle Awareness Days, teacher workshops, etc.

3. Submit committee annual operating budget needs to the board of directors for consideration and approval no later than the last board of directors meeting of the calendar year.

4. Develop and maintain an updated directory of prospective event/booklet sponsors, i.e., conservation districts, wildlife clubs, 4-H leaders, scout leaders, civic groups, etc.

Identify and contact individuals associated with prospective sponsors.

5. Maintain a list of previous booklet sales customers for committee information and follow up purposes.

6. Identify meetings of educational organizations and agencies each year where booklets could be promoted or the chapter's display could be utilized.

7. The committee shall inform and enlist the assistance of chapter members and other conservation leaders in each division to help make personal contacts with prospective sponsors.

8. Know the booklet ordering procedure.

9. Maintain a supply of current booklet information brochures and sample booklet/teacher guide sets for promotion, sales, and display purposes.

Make use of slide-tape sets, display boards, videos, brochures, and other available information resources at meetings and events where the chapter's exhibit is used.

10. Be alert to current sales progress information (published in the Society's Newsletter, The Conservogram to help make booklet sales.

11. Monitor sales progress to determine standing and qualification for Society booklet sales commissions.

12. Develop news articles for local newspapers to publicize purchases made by sponsors and to publicize conservation education events.

13. Prepare and present committee progress reports at scheduled board of directors' meetings. If the chair or a committee member is unable to attend, submit a written report to your division director prior to the meeting.

14. Develop and submit a minimum of one news article each year to the chapter newsletter editor according to the newsletter calendar to promote booklet sales and report sales progress to the membership and at least one news article for each conservation education activity.

15. Keep a record of booklet sales promotions to strengthen future committee plans and strategies.

16. Nominate, when appropriate, members and/or sponsors for awards for outstanding booklet saes accomplishments or those who have put in extra effort for a conservation education activity.

17. Prepare exhibits or displays of booklets for membership viewing at the chapter's annual meeting and other events where prospective buyers might be.

18. Utilize the chapter's exhibit at as many functions as possible. Update the exhibit as necessary.

19. Prepare and present a final written report of committee activities and accomplishments at the chapter's annual business meeting.


1. The chair is selected and appointed by the chapter president.

2. Additional committee members are selected and appointed by the committee chair in consultation with the chapter president and the board of directors.

3. All committee members must agree to serve before being appointed.