South Dakota Chapter SWCS
January 2000

Position Description


1. Raise funds for designated chapter programs.

2. Further the chapter's capability to finance projects.

3. Advance the goals and objectives of the chapter.


1 . The chair shall hold committee meetings and carry out other means of communication to plan and coordinate selected fund-raising project.

Consult with the board of directors to determine goals and project supply needs.

2. Make arrangements for approved ordering of fund-raising materials and supplies.

3. Develop a sales promotion plan and/or strategies to activate chapter membership participation.

4. Promote fund-raising project at meetings and other events.

5. Develop and submit a minimum of two news articles to the chapter newsletter editor according to the newsletter calendar to promote and inform membership of fund-raising project and goals and to report fund-raising progress.

6. Receive and keep record of all fundraising monies collected unless other arrangements are made with the approval of the board of directors.

Forward to the chapter treasurer for deposit in designated account.

7. Prepare and present committee activity reports at quarterly scheduled board of directors' meetings. If the chair or a committee member is unable to attend, submit a written report to your division director prior to the meeting.

8. Prepare and present a final written report of committee activities and accomplishments including an annual financial report at the chapter annual business meeting. (See Attachment A.)


1. The chair is selected and appointed each year by the chapter president.

2. Additional committee members are selected and appointed by the committee chair after consultation with the chapter president and the board of directors.

3. All committee members must agree to serve before being appointed.