South Dakota Chapter SWCS
January 2000

Position Description


1. Retain present South Dakota Chapter and Society members.

2. Implement promotional activities and publicity for the purpose of recruiting new members.

3. Promote all categories of membership offered by the Society.

4. Communicate the benefits of chapter and Society membership.


1. Chair hold committee meetings, as appropriate, each year to plan strategies and actions for chapter membership promotions.

Request board of directors' input in establishing annual overall and interim goals for each class of SWCS membership: Regular, Spouse, Corporate, Life, etc.

2. Review annually past and present chapter membership lists to determine the following:

(a) Delinquent members
(b) Former members
(c) Trends in membership
(d) Job types and employers of members

3. Develop a prospective membership list for special committee membership drives in each chapter division.

4. Implement, as determined by the committee, a mailing campaign of specialized promotional letters or materials to prospective members in specific professions.

5. Develop and/or utilize existing chapter and parent Society brochures for use as promotional material in special mailings and personal contacts with prospective members.

6. Solicit member "volunteers" who are willing to make first-time or follow up person-to-person contacts with local prospective members.

7. Telephone or visit delinquent members to encourage renewal of membership.

8. Coordinate committee efforts by seeking board of directors' approval for tasks and projects that require chapter funds and/or a concerted effort by the membership.
9. Submit committee annual operating budget needs to the chapter board of directors for consideration and approval no later than the last board of directors' meeting of the calendar year.

10. Maintain a computer database for recording present chapter members for recordkeeping purposes. Record name, address, home and business telephone numbers, job title, and employer.

11. Obtain current list of members from student chapter advisor following the start of the school year. Add the students' names to the newsletter mailing list.

12. This database will also be used to generate labels for the chapter's newsletter. Send labels to newsletter editor according to article due date on the newsletter calendar.

13. Keep abreast of current membership status with membership update transmittals periodically sent to the chapter president and treasurer by the parent Society. (New or reinstated members, members who have transferred in, and/or members who have recently dropped).

14. Forward new member information to the chapter newsletter editor for inclusion in the next issue of the newsletter. (Include name, address, job title, and employer.)

15. Submit the entire current membership list to the newsletter editor for the first newsletter of the calendar year.

16. Present current activity and progress reports at quarterly scheduled board of directors' meetings. If chair or a committee member is unable to attend, submit a written report to your division director before the meeting.

17. Be alert to membership and chapter development opportunities being offered by the parent Society for consideration by the board of directors.

18. Develop and submit a minimum of one news article each year to the chapter newsletter editor according to the newsletter calendar to identify membership categories and motivate chapter members to sign up prospective members.

19. Promote the current recruitment campaign offered by the parent Society at chapter meetings or other events as well as in the chapter newsletter.

20. Encourage chapter members to invite nonmembers to chapter activities with a followup and invitation to join SWCS.

21 . Keep records of committee activities and results to strengthen future committee membership drives, chapter development activities and actions.

22. Prepare and present a final written report of committee activities and accomplishments at the chapter's annual business meeting.


1. The chair is selected and appointed each year by the chapter president.

2. Additional committee members may be selected and appointed by the committee chair after consultation with the chapter president and the board of directors. Committee selection should include a minimum of one member representative from each division, one member to be the president-elect.

3. All committee members must agree to serve before being appointed.