South Dakota Chapter SWCS
January 2000

Position Description


1. Carry out annual nomination and election activities of the chapter.

2. Solicit candidates for expiring office terms.

3. Follow nomination and election procedures as established in the chapter bylaws.


1. Chair hold committee meetings and/or use other communication means each year to plan and coordinate nomination and election responsibilities.

Refer to Article VII of the South Dakota Chapter Bylaws for official nomination and election procedures.

2. Consult with the board of directors each year to determine balloting procedures and to identify expiring office terms in the board of directors.

3. Develop a slate of nominees for each elective office to be filled through one or both of the following means:

(a) Nominations by the committee

(b) Nominating petitions submitted by chapter members.

Refer to a history outline of past chapter officers/division directors to identify and alert the committee to members who have held office in the past.

4. Contact selected nominees by telephone or personal visits to determine and secure their consent to be candidates for office. Repeat nomination procedures if all nominees for an office decline to be candidates.

Secure a minimum slate of two willing candidates for each expiring office by May 1. (Adjust deadline when other than a fall annual meeting is scheduled.)

Notify and inform the chapter president of the slate of candidates is secured.

5. Send a biographical summary form to each candidate requesting they complete and return it to the chair no later than June 1. (See Attachment A.)

6. Prepare a sample election ballot listing candidates running for office. (See Attachment B.)

7. Establish a deadline for returning election ballots to the committee chair (not later than 45 days prior to the chapter annual meeting).

Indicate deadline date and return address of chair on sample election ballot.

8. Send biographical summaries, candidate photographs, and sample election ballot to the chapter newsletter editor no later than June 10.

9. Chair assemble sealed envelopes (holding election ballots) that are received from the membership for safekeeping until the committee meets for an official vote count.

10. Chair meets with committee members prior to the chapter annual meeting to separate the ballots and determine an official vote count for each candidate (not later than 30 days prior to the annual meeting).

Chair notify the chapter president, by mail, of election results. The president is responsible for informing the candidates and membership of the outcome of the election.

1 1. Chair and committee members together destroy the voting ballots after the votes have been tallied. It is the policy of the chapter that the vote count for elected officers/division directors be secret.

12. Send a congratulatory letter to the winning candidates and a "thank you for running" letter to the non-winners.

13. Prepare and present a final written report of committee activities and results of the nomination/election procedures at the chapter's annual business meeting.


1. The chair shall be the past president.

2. Additional committee members are selected and appointed by the committee chair after consultation with the chapter president and the board of directors. Committee selection must include a minimum of two members in addition to the committee chair.

3. All committee members must agree to serve before being appointed.