South Dakota Chapter SWCS
January 2000

Position Description


1. Serves a one-year term as a voting member of the board of directors after serving one year as president-elect and one year as president.

2. Attends regular and special board of directors' meetings and the annual business meeting.

3. Serves as a spokesperson for the chapter as directed by the chapter president.

4. Works closely with the board of directors in helping develop an annual chapter program and budget plan.

5. Assists the chapter president-elect, and/or president in identifying and selecting members to serve on standing and special committees.

6. Serves as chair of the following committees:
Nominations Committee
Long-Range Planning Committee

7. Serves as a member of the following committee:
History Committee

8. Submits a "year in review" article to the newsletter editor upon completion of presidency. In addition, provides information of interest to the chapter members to the newsletter editor for inclusion in the chapter newsletter.

9. Assembles and submits information/records having historical significance, from term as president, to the History Committee Chair. (See Attachment A.)

10. Submits a chapter annual report to the parent Society as directed by the regional director or National Office (for term as president). The completion of the report can be delegated, but it is the past president's responsibility to insure that it is done to meet deadlines/guidelines. The report should be prepared so that the chapter competes for all awards for which we are eligible. Provide a copy of the completed report to the president, president-elect, history committee chair, regional director, and regional chapter development committee chair.