South Dakota Chapter SWCS
January 2000


Position Description


1. Serves a one-year term following one year as president-elect.

2. Carries out a leadership role in advancing the goals and objectives of the chapter.

3. Maintains communications and stays alert to new program and service opportunities offered by the parent Society.

4. Serves as spokesperson of the chapter representing the needs, concerns, and interests of the membership.

5. Takes leadership and works closely with the chapter officers and board of directors to develop a chapter program and budget plan for the year.

6. Schedules and presides at regular and special board of directors' meetings and the annual business meeting.

7. Develops the board of directors' and annual business meeting agendas.

8. Works closely with the division directors to develop a communication link with committee chairs in all divisions.

9. Finalizes timely appointments to all standing and special committees. Consults with the committee chairs and board of directors, as needed. Provides a copy of the final list to the newsletter editor to include in the first newsletter of the year.

10. Appoints a chapter secretary, treasurer, and student chapter advisor.

11. Requests that division directors call for annual reports from their assigned committee chairs prior to the annual business meeting.

12. Provides leadership in carrying out chapter operations and services. Assures distribution of appropriate position description, forms, supplies, and other information materials to chapter officers, board of directors, and committee chairs. Each chapter officer will have the complete handbook.

13. Provides membership chair copy of membership lists received from the parent Society (if they do not receive directly from the Society).

14. Provides the president's report and other current information to be included in each newsletter.

15. Provides the newsletter editor the addresses of each chapter president in the Northern Plains Region (The newsletter editor will mail a newsletter to each president.)

16. Serves as delegate to national meeting if president-elect is unable to attend.

17. Serves as official delegate to the regional Chapter Development Workshop; gives chapter report. If unable to attend, arranges for a substitute. Encourages other members to attend.