South Dakota Chapter SWCS
January 2000


Position Description


1 . Serves a one-year term as a voting member of the board of directors prior to being president.

2. Attends regular and special board of directors' meetings and the annual business meeting.

3. Serves as spokesperson for the chapter as directed or in the absence of the chapter president.

4. Presides at board of directors' meetings in the absence of the chapter president.

5. Works closely with the board of directors in helping develop an annual chapter program and budget plan.

6. Selects committee chairs of standing and special committees for the upcoming year prior to starting term as president. (See Attachments A, B, C, D.)

7. Secures offers and/or proposals for location and date of next year's annual meeting prior to the present year's annual business meeting. Refer to meeting rotation schedule to determine host division.

8. Serves on the Membership Committee.

9. Attends the National SWCS Annual Meeting as official chapter delegate prior to becoming president, if possible.

10. Assists the chapter president in preparing the annual business meeting agenda.

11. Develops a one-year newsletter information calendar in consultation with the newsletter editor prior to ;he end of December. (See Attachment A.)

12. Writes at least one article for one newsletter, as assigned. In addition, provides information of interest to the members to the newsletter editor for inclusion in the newsletter.