South Dakota Chapter SWCS
January 2000

Position Description


1. Assist and encourage qualified students to pursue a career in natural resource conservation through an organized program of study at an accredited college, university, or vocational school in South Dakota.

2. Solicit qualified applicants for the chapter and Society scholarship programs.

3. Help develop the chapter scholarship program.


1. The committee chair shall hold committee meetings and/or use other communication means each year to plan and coordinate scholarship activities.

Submit annual operating budget needs to the board of directors for consideration and approval no later than the last board of directors' meeting of the calendar year.

2. Inform, on an annual basis, all colleges, universities, and vocational schools in South Dakota of the following scholarship programs offered:

South Dakota Chapter Scholarships (undergraduate). Consult with the board of directors on the number and dollar amount of scholarships.

Parent Society Scholarships (undergraduate/graduate)

Mail and/or deliver the following to appropriate school administrative personnel, department heads, and/or instructors at all South Dakota colleges, universities, and vocational schools no later than January 30:

Letter of transmittal (See Attachment A)

Chapter Scholarship Information Sheet and Application Forms

SWCS Scholarship Announcements and Application Forms
See Attachments B and C for chapter scholarship application form and information sheet. Request current parent Society scholarship program announcements from SWCS Headquarters.

3. Direct applicants to mail chapter scholarship application forms to the chair and postmark no later than March 31 .

4. Present committee activity and progress reports at quarterly scheduled board of directors meetings. If chair or a committee member is unable to attend, submit a written report to your division director prior to the meeting.

5. Be alert to scholarship opportunities offered by the parent Society for consideration by the committee and/or board of directors.

6. Assist in the promotion and development of the Chapter's Scholarship Endowment Fund and special fund-raising activities.

7. Chair select a panel of three to five committee members and/or chapter members-at-large to assist in evaluating and judging scholarship applications.

8. Chair meet with the panel of judges to evaluate applications received and to select scholarship recipient(s) no later than April 20. (See Attachment D for Scholarship Judging Guidelines.)

Submit name(s) of selected scholarship recipient(s), with copies of application, to the chapter president for final approval by the board of directors.

9. Chair send letters to all applicants and schools to announce results of the chapter scholarship program no later than May 1 as follows:

Notify approved scholarship recipient(s) with congratulatory letter(s) including an invitation to attend the annual awards banquet as a guest and for presentation of a "Certificate of Award." (Send copies of letters to the chapter president.)

No more than two complimentary meal tickets shall be given to each winner.

Correspond with remaining applicants with letters of appreciation to acknowledge applications received and name scholarship recipient(s).

10. Chair send a follow up invitation letter to scholarship recipient(s) approximately 30 days prior to the chapter's annual meeting to confirm attendance and time/date/place of awards banquet. Notify the annual meeting committee chair of names and number of guests attending banquet.

11 . Notify the chapter treasurer upon selection of scholarship winners where to send the awarded scholarship funds. (name and address of school, administrative/financial aid department).
12. Develop and submit a minimum of one news article each year to the chapter newsletter editor according to the newsletter calendar to announce scholarship award(s) and recipient(s).

13. Chair present a "Certificate of Award" to scholarship recipient(s) at the annual awards banquet. (Mail certificates to recipient(s) unable to attend.)

Arrange with publicity chair to take pictures of scholarship recipient(s) for publicity purposes.

14. Submit scholarship recipient information to the publicity chair for news releases (including two photographs) in the chapter newsletter and appropriate local/area newspapers at least 30 days prior to the annual meeting. Provide name and address of hometown newspaper.

15. Maintain a recordkeeping list of annual scholarship award(s) and recipient(s) for committee information purposes.

16. Prepare and present a final written report of committee activities and accomplishments at the chapter's annual business meeting.


1. The chair is selected and appointed each year by the chapter president.

2. Additional committee members may be selected and appointed by the committee chair after consultation with the chapter president and the board of directors. It is desirable to have members from more than one division.

3. All committee members must agree to serve before being appointed.