South Dakota Chapter SWCS
January 2000

Position Description


1. Serves a one-year appointment as a chapter officer and voting member of the board of directors. Can be re-appointed.

2. Attends and records minutes of all regular and special board of directors' meetings and the annual business meeting.

3. Sends advance notice of scheduled board of directors' meetings to chapter officers., board of directors, and committee chairs.

4. Prepares typed copies of all minutes and distributes to chapter officers, board of directors, and committee chairs as directed by the chapter president.

5. Gives a report and/or reads minutes of preceding chapter meeting at all board of directors' meetings and the annual business meeting. The reading of the minutes can be waived if everyone present has a copy and/or concurs.

6. Maintains an orderly file of all chapter meeting minutes, correspondence, and other related information for board of directors' reference and record purposes. Provides a copy to the History Committee chair for the archives.

7. Writes letters of correspondence as directed by the chapter president and/or board of directors.

8. Assists the chapter president in identifying and selecting members to serve on standing and special committees, as needed.

9. Works closely with the board of directors in helping develop an annual chapter program and budget plan.

10. Clips any articles on chapter activities and submits them to the chapter president for inclusion in the annual report.

11. Writes at least one article for one chapter newsletter, annually as assigned. In addition, provides information of interest to the chapter members to the newsletter editor for inclusion in the newsletter