South Dakota Chapter SWCS
January 2000

Position Description


1. Serves a one-year appointment as a chapter officer and voting member of the board of directors. Can be re-appointed.

2. Takes responsibility for the safekeeping of all chapter funds.

3. Receives membership dues and other monies collected by the chapter. Deposit in specified bank/savings/investment accounts as directed by the board of directors.

4. Maintains detailed income and expense records for the chapter.

5. All accounts (savings, certificates of deposit, investments, etc.), except the checking account, shall require the signature of both the treasurer and the current president. The president's name shall also be on the checking account so that checks could be written in the absence of the treasurer. The treasurer will see that signature cards are obtained as needed.

6. Pays chapter bills at the direction of the board of directors.

7. Prepares and submits a treasurer's report (income, expenses, and account balances) at all board of directors' meetings and the annual business meeting. Assures that reports submitted to the board of directors get to the newsletter editor for possible inclusion of current information in the newsletter.

8. Receives payment for state membership dues from the Parent Society and provides list of paid members to the membership committee chair.

9. Assists the chapter president in identifying and selecting members to serve on standing and special committees, as needed.

10. Works closely with the board of directors in helping develop an annual chapter program and budget plan.

11 . Arranges to have cash available at the registration table for annual meetings and other conferences.

12. Works with the scholarship committee chair to see that scholarship funds are sent to the selected students' schools' administrative office(s) by August 15 or prior to the
start of the fall semester. Include a note to the office that if the student does not register for fall classes, the money should be returned to the chapter.

13. Serves as the recorder at the fund-raising auction at the annual meeting. Provides report to president, annual meeting chair, and the newsletter editor.

14. Arranges for an audit of financial accounts and records in accordance with chapter bylaws, or as otherwise directed by the board of directors.